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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey everybody, it's Prowl!

Here's peek into the early development of Prowl. Even from before I was brought on to TFA, it had been decided that the new version of Prowl was going to be a motorcycle.

I had originally had him colored more like the black and white G1 version. Since Ratchet was already going to be primarily white, and the ninja aspect of the new Prowl's character was going to be played up, we decided to go with the black, gold and tan theme. I thought this was really fun because I got to design Prowl with sort of "CHiPs" type motorcycle cop uniform style to his robot mode.

Eric Siebenaler from Hasbro and Alex Kubalski from Takara also requested that we move Prowl's wheels from his shoulders to his legs. This helped blend my design with a really amazing transformation idea that Alex had been working on for a motorcycle Transformer.