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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random Screengrabs: Kubrick's The Shining, Part 1

Ever searching for fresh visual stimulation and inspiration, I find myself taking a lot of screengrabs lately. Generally the mood to snap a pic doesn't hit me until I'm well into a movie, and there's really not much rhyme or reason to what I'm grabbing. Just some random something; lighting, color, composition, interesting people, design, what have you, strikes me about the image I'm looking at. Movies are always a constant source of visual inspiration, and I find it quite engaging to look at them as a series of still images after seeing the entire moving picture.

Stills of The Shining are practically cliche on the internet at this point, but it's such an amazingly delicious visual four course dinner for the eyes, you really can't ever have enough. So then, also for no particular reason, this is my first batch of images.

Please note the very special cameo by George W. Bush as the local constabulary! 

And we haven't even really gotten to the good bits yet. 

More to follow...


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