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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Transformers Animated at Comic-con 2007

The Transformers Animated panel at Comic-con! On the panel were: Sam Register, Aaron (the Angry) Archer, Eric Siebenaler, Me, Matt Youngberg, Mary Isenberg and Greg Lombardo.
Signing at the Cartoon Network booth (which was put together by the incomparable Lori Lane). Irineo Maramba and Ben Jones joined Matt, Marty and I for the signing (middle pic Hasbro designer Eric Siebenaler and I looking bad ass). Screen grabs from the Transformers Animated teaser clip shown at the panel.
TOYS!!! This is what it's all about!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Now that we have been officially announced, I thought I would go ahead and post some Transformers drawings I did a few years ago. Somewhere around 2002-2003. I have been a huge fan of Transformers since the beginning. I have hundreds of the toys and just about every book and comic from here and from Japan. I also have TF drawings I've done over the years starting when I was about 12. Someday I'll have to dig up the really old ones, but for now, something from a little more recent time.

Most of the above drawings are just random heads that I made up, not based on any existing characters. Below are some Beast Machines Optimus Primal.

*Note: none of this has anything to do whatsoever with Transformers: Zone, I just couldn't think of a better name for the post.